November 11, 2015
  It is absolutely incredible that over 2.5 years has passed in such a flash.  It feels like only yesterday i wrote our last news update!  So much has changed, however, what has not changed is our passion and dedication to breeding healthy, happy pet rats.  In just 2 months, we celebrate the 8th anniversary of the opening of Farmhouse Rattery!  Last month, we saw the 11th generation of our original line born to our beautiful FHR Althea.  What a blessing this amazing journey continues to be.
  Early this year, we made a choice to slow down on our breeding program.  Our human family has grown as have our responsibilities beyond the rattery.  We decided to continue only our main line, which has been bred here since we opened.  We are currently in the process of doing some different outcrosses in our continued quest to improve upon health, longevity and temperament to breed the very best rats possible.  
  We took a long break with no litters from February thru September in order to regain our focus.  We also moved to a new home in that time period.  It has been a ton of work, but we are loving our new place!  We have a lovely room just for the ratties now.  We are still located in northern NJ though, just minutes from our original location.
  We have made some recent changes to our policies.  We now require a 50% deposit to be added to our waiting list.  For years we resisted taking deposits and relied on the communication of our potential adopters instead.  However, we recently had an issue when a majority of the people on our waiting list were no longer active,  yet none contacted us to let us know of the change.  This has happened so many times over the years.  Our hope is the deposit requirement will help to ensure only serious adopters end up on the list.  This will help us give any potential adopter a realistic estimate of waiting periods as well.   
   We brought in some new rats in 2014!  Very exciting as we rarely introduce new bloodlines.  Last year, we were given some very beautiful new rats by our dear friend Robin of Deer Creek Rattery in Michigan.  Tragically, Robin passed away early in 2015.  Her sudden loss is beyond heartbreaking and leaves a huge hole in so many hearts, as well as the rat community itself.  Robin gave freely to so many of us, rats, knowledge, friendship,  advice, kindness.   She was truly a beautiful soul and will be forever missed.  
  This year were very happy to send 4 breeding rats to our good friend Laurey at her rattery in Massachusetts.  We are so excited about her upcoming plans for our babies.  We also attended RatFest in June which luckily happened to be right in NJ this year.  What an awesome event, it was just so much fun.  We met saw so many wonderful people and ratties that day, as we reconnected with old friends and made new ones.  Hopefully RatFest will be happening again in 2016!
  We are so grateful to all the amazing people and animal friends this journey as a rattery has brought our way.  It's a lot of work for sure, but the rewards have been well worth it.  Such a great amount of joy has been experienced by so many people (including our own family!) due to getting to know these fabulous little creatures, our rattie friends.  Please have a wonderful holiday season, and join us in looking forward to 2016! 

January 27, 2013
  Happy New Year to all!  2013 is here and we could not be more excited or enthusiastic about our breeding program.  This year, we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Farmhouse Rattery!  5 years ago, a beautiful rat named PH Ilia was born.  We are still breeding her ancestors today, 8 generations later!  We plan to be around and breeding rats for many years to come :)
  2012 brought all kinds of changes for the rattery.  In June, we attended our first rat show!  It was the American Rat Club show in Lansing, MI.  It was a wonderful event which promoted rats as the amazing pets they are.  We learned a lot about showing rats, got to meet new rat people, got to re-connect with our rattie friends and to top it all off we took home top honors, Best In Show with FHR Allyson Grey!  We also took best dumbo doe, best dumbo buck, and best provisional!  Show pics will be posted soon for all to enjoy.
  Many other changes occurred as well.  The rattery moved!  We did not move far, but we moved to a bigger home and we are in the process of building a rat room!  This increase in space will allow us to breed more litters, more often.  In the past, we have backed ourselves into a genetic corner by not breeding enough litters, or often enough, and as a result have lost the genetics of some quality animals.  We hope in the future to be able to maintain more genetic variety so that if an issue does crop up, we have something to fall back on and we don't lose the entire line.
  We also brought home several new rats in 2012!  Many thanks to Debbie of Sweet Genes and Tony of Raffinhouse Rattery.  We could not be happier with these awesome new rats.  With these new rats also came many new genes- new coat colors, new hair types, and more (hairless!)  We have greatly increased the types of rats we can produce as well as our genetic variety.  These new rats are beautiful, well tempered and so far very healthy. 
  We also sent our rats to become breeders in other ratteries!   We adopted rats out to Paper Heart Rattery in NJ, Merri Whiskers Rattery in NH, Sweet Genes Rattery in IL, Deer Creek Rattery in MI, and Raffinhouse Rattery in OH!  We are proud of the many beautiful babies our boys and girls have gone on to produce for their new owners and hope all the best for their ancestors in the future.
  We are saying goodbye to our Farmhouse Rats FB account.  We have had that account for a couple years now and it has been a wonderful experience networking with other rat lovers, but right now it is impossible to keep up with it.  We hope our friends will continue to keep up with us through this website and contacting us through email (though responses will be delayed) or the phone.  All of our adopters have our phone number and know they are welcome to call anytime if they need help or advice.  We will use the time we do get online to update this site and answer emails as we are able to.
  With all of the changes, some things have also stayed the same.  We continue to breed our original line, founded by the breeding of PH Ilia (Black eyed siamese self) and PCKG Forrest (Burmese-Siamese self.)  This summer, we hope and expect to see the 9th generation of this line born out of our sweet girl, FHR Angelina Ballerina (Burmese-Siamese self.)  These rats are stunning animals to behold, gorgeous, with amazing temperaments to match.  The health of this line, overall, has also been quite good and seems to only be improving.  One important note is that tumor rates, esp breast tumors in females, are relatively low in this line.  We plan to preserve and continue to improve upon this line in the future, while also using animals from it as outcrosses for other lines.
  The 2013 breeding season is here and has started off really well.  We have a lot of really exciting litters planned and we will most likely have the most active year of breeding yet for FHR.  We have lots of new stock to work with and some really gorgeous young rats coming of age all around the same time.  So we will be having quite a few babies this winter/spring!
  FHR Northern Star (black self dumbo rex) was the first mama to bless us with a litter this year.  On Jan 5, she gave birth to 12 beautiful babies, 8 males and 4 females, sired by FHR Silver (Russian Blue self dumbo rex.)  The babies are all dumbo, all self, with 6 black, 2 russian blue, 1 beige and 3 russian beige!  This is the first time the RED gene has appeared in babies at FHR and we are very excited.  We are working towards a russian blue dumbo rex/double rex line but the RED may be used in another project we MAY develop in the future (Fawn!)  The russian blue rex line was formed by crossing our russian blue burmese line with the SGR russian blue rex line.  This is the 3rd generation we are working with them, and so far their temperaments and health are wonderful.
  We also paired up SGR Whole Lotta' Hoodie and FHR Taylor Ham.  These are 2 of the sweetest rats you could ever imagine meeting, so temperaments of these babies should be just incredible.  Her babies are due in the beginning of February.  We will soon be pairing up 2 more girls from last years sweet 16 litter!  It is going to be raining babies here soon, so if you are one of the many people to have emailed us over the past 7 months we were on hiatus, now is the time to get your application in, if you have not already.
  Just a quick comment about contacting us- we no longer have internet access at home.  Between that and our new (human) baby, online time is very limited.  So not worry if you do not hear a response from us.  It can sometimes take us quite a while to check our email.  It does require patience to adopt from us.  We will never appeal to those adopters looking to adopt as quickly as possible.  We aim to breed the very best, healthiest, sweetest rats around.  We do not aim to breed the most or to fulfill an adopter demand.  Please understand if you are in a huge hurry to adopt, you may want to look elsewhere.  There are always rescue rats in dire need of a home, so if you are not willing to wait, please give a rat in need a home as opposed to supporting a pet store, BYB, or rat mill.  Thank you!!!