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Past Litters 2013

2013: 9 litters born

13 babies born 10/04/2013
Dam: FHR Poison Ivy - agouti berkshire
Sire: FHR Wendsleydale - black double rex dumbo self
13 babies born, lost one at 2 days old.  12 babies, 5 female and 7 males, are healthy and thriving. Expecting very nice temperaments in these babies as both parents are extremely friendly, gentle and affectionate. 
5 females - all dumbo rex berkshires.  3 agouti, 1 russian blue, 1 russian blue agouti.
7 males - 2 agouti rex self, 1 black dumbo rex berkshire, 2 black dumbo rex vari-berks, 1 russian blue dumbo rex self, 1 agouti dumbo rex berkshire.

12 babies born 09/03/2013
Dam: FHR Xalda - russian blue dumbo rex self
Sire: FHR SkippyJon Jones - seal point black eyed siamese self
12 healthy babies born, 4 females and 8 males.  All self w dumbo and standard ears and rex and standard coats.  In burmese, russian blue burmese, black, russian blue, seal point siamese, black eyed seal point siamese, and black eyed russian blue point siamese.

10 babies born 06/24/2013
Dam: FHR Northern Star - Black Self Dumbo Rex
Sire: FHR Silver - Russian Blue Self Dumbo Rex
4 females and 6 males in black, beige, and russian blue.  Double rex, rex, and std coats.  All dumbo, all self.

6 babies born 05/25/2013
Dam: FHR Angelina Ballerina - Burmese (Siamese) Self
Sire: FHR SkippyJon Jones - Seal Point Black Eyed Siamese Self
3 males and 3 females.  All self in standard and dumbo ears.  Seal pt. black eyed Siamese and Burmese.
5 babies born 05/05/2013
Dam: FHR Aubree Skye - Agouti Self Dumbo
Sire: SGR Whole Lotta Hoodie - Agouti Hooded Dumbo
1 Female, 4 Males.  All Berkshire, All dumbo, in black, Burmese, and agouti pt. Siamese.
4 babies born 05/07/2013
Dam: FHR Sophia Laurent (Blue Glitter) - Russian Silver Agouti Self Dumbo
Sire: RH Alec - American Blue Wheaten Burmese Self
3 survived, and were being raised by their aunt, Aubree Skye.
1 Female, 2 Males.  All self, in dumbo and standard, in American blue and Russian Silver Agouti.

The Batman Litter - born 02/03/2013
Dam: FHR Taylor Ham - Black Self
Sire: SGR Whole Lotta Hoodie -
 Agouti Hooded Dumbo
6 healthy babies (3M, 3F) in agouti, black and russian blue.  Irish and berkshire markings.  All standard ear and coat.

FHR Aubree Skye X SGR Whole Lotta Hoodie - 2 babies born -2/21/13 - mom did not lactate, none survived

FHR Northern Star x FHR Silver - The Sheep Breeds Litter  01/05/13