(4 boys from Rose X Waddle litter - 01/10)

Current Litters

7 babies born July 19!  
FHR Kesha X FHR Nicodemus 
Black Eyed Himalayan and Ivory

Litters On the Way


Planned Litters- 2017

For September:
Proposed Dam: FHR Kesha - Ivory (Black Eyed Albino)
Proposed Sire:  FHR Watsky - Albino Burmese
Expecting:  Ivory and Albino Burmese.  Chance of PEW.

Past Litters


8 Babies Born 12/15/16
Dam: FHR Yoko - Seal Pt. BE Siamese Dumbo Self
Sire:  FHR Samwell - Himilayan-Burmese Self
8 healthy babies born, 2 females and 6 males.  All are black eyed, self and standard coat.  Dumbo and standard ears.  Colors include Himilayan-Burmese, Siamese, and Himilayan.

11 Babies born 11/26/16
(pic at 8 days old)
Dam: FHR Mrs. Frisby - Seal Pt. BE Himilayan Self
Sire:  FHR Samwell - Burmese (Himilayan) Self
11 healthy babies born, 7 females and 4 males.  All are standard ear, black eyed, self and standard coat.  Colors include Siamese-Burmese, Himilayan-Burmese, Albino-Burmese, Siamese, Himilayan and Ivory.

6 Babies born 07/13/16
Dam: FHR Blackbird - Seal Pt. BE Siamese Self
Sire:  FHR Prince Lír - Seal Pt. BE Himilayan Self 
4 females and 2 males in Himilayan and Siamese,  black eyes, all standard coats and ears, all seal point.

1 Baby born 03/18/2016 "Sparrow"
Dam:  FHR Mocha - Burmese Self Dumbo
Sire:  FHR Robin - Black Self
1 black self male born.

9 babies born 1/16/16 - "The Beatles Litter Pt. 2"
Dam:  FHR Althea - Seal Pt. BE Siamese self
Sire: FHR Roland - Black Self Dumbo
9 babies born, all survived.   2 females and 7 males in black and seal point siamese.  All self, standard coat, with dumbo and standard ears.


Born 11/26/2015 - The "Thanksgiving" Litter
Dam: FHR Mocha - Burmese Dumbo Self
Sire: DCR's "Jon Snow" of FHR - Ivory
7 babies born, 1 female and 6 males.  Burmese (himilayan based,) Seal pt. Himilayan and black eyed seal point Himilayan in standard ear and coat.

Born 10/09/2015 - "The Last Unicorn" Litter
Dam: FHR Althea - Seal Pt. BE Siamese Self
Sire: DCR's "Jon Snow" of FHR - Ivory
12 babies born  (7 male, 5 females.)  9 survived, 5 males and 4 females, all BE himilayan with standard ears and  coats.

5 babies born 01/07/2015
Dam: FHR Pumpkin Pie - Burmese Self
Sire: FHR Struesel - Russian Blue Pt. BES Dumbo Self
2 males and 3 females in seal pt. siamese, burmese and RB burmese, all self,  dumbo and standard ears, black and ruby eyes, and standard coats.

7 babies born 01/07/2015
Dam: DCR's "Ygritte" of FHR - Pearl Self
Sire: FHR Struesel - Russian Blue Pt. BES Dumbo Self
4 males and 3 females.  All black self, standard ear and coat.

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 (All 5 babies from Penny X Jacob litter - 04/11)