Adoption Info

     Thank you for your interest in our rattery.  We are not currently open to the public and unable to respond to inquiries from new adopters.  We are currently only adopting to other breeders and those who have adopted from us in the past.  We are always available to our past adopters, as we provide lifetime guidance for any rats adopted from us.  Katie can be reached at 8 6 2 - 2 6 8 - 6 1 3 0.  

Adoption Information

    We adopt rats to adults only.  We have an age limit of 18 for adoption, so if you are under 18, please have a parent apply to adopt for you and note that on your application. The parent must be willing to oversee and take overall responsibility for the animal, if needed.

    We breed mainly color pointed rats, as we have since 2008.  Right now we are in the process of introducing some different out crosses to our lines, so we may be seeing some other colors as well, including (but not limited to) black, himilayan, ivory, albino,  and russian blue.  We only breed self rats at the present time (no white markings.)  Ears will be mostly standard with some dumbo.  Coats will be mainly standard.  We do not breed rex or Harley coated rats currently. 

    Young babies are adopted out in same sex pairs or larger groups only.  Babies stay with their mother until 5 weeks old. At that point, males are separated from females, and the babies are weaned. Baby rats will be fed a high quality diet and provided with intensive socialization from birth to adoption, which is usually at 6-7 weeks of age. 

    If you are a breeder, or want to become a breeder, and are seeking breeding stock, please tell us this upfront and we can discuss our process for placing with breeders.  We have placed our rats as breeding stock in ratteries around the country. However,  we do not ship our rats.  We are open to mentoring new breeders.

    The health and wellness of our rats is a top priority for us.  We take every precaution to prevent disease in our rats and ensure no communicable diseases exist in our population.  If you would like complete health and family health information on any of our rats, just ask and we can provide all those records upon request.

Terms of Adoption

In order to adopt rats from Farmhouse Rats, you must agree to and follow our terms of adoption:

1. Rat will be cared for humanely and responsibly for the entirety of its life by the adopter. Humane care includes (but is not limited to): spacious, safe, well ventilated caging that is kept clean and comfortable; companionship in the form of other same sex and/or spayed or neutered rats; Healthy, well balanced, varied diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables; clean fresh water available at all times; safe appropriate bedding (NO TOXIC PINE OR CEDAR!;) prompt veterinary care if needed; and adequate human interaction and environmental stimulation.

2. Rats are being placed as a pet and companion. No breeding of this animal is ever allowed, under any circumstance. If a rat adopted from FHR becomes pregnant or sires a litter, you must inform us so we can decide together how to proceed and handle the situation.

3. If, at any time or for any reason, the adopter no longer wishes to or is no longer able to care for adopted rats, any and all rats adopted from us MUST BE RETURNED TO US. We must be contacted immediately and the rats must be transported back to FHR. If that is not possible, we will travel to reclaim our rats. Rats may not be disposed of, given away, abandoned, sold, or otherwise transferred to any other person, company or entity.

4. Farmhouse Rats must be kept up to date on the adopted rat throughout its life time. You must provide a minimum of 1 update every 6 months throughout the rat's lifetime. Updates can be through email or phone calls.  Pictures and more regular updates are greatly appreciated.  FHR must be notified in a timely manner if any adopted rats die, become ill, suffer any type of health or temperament problem, or sustain a serious injury of any kind.  A date of death is very important, to help us see the longest lived lines and therefore increase longevity in rats.

5. If any of the adopter's contact information changes, FHR will be notified of the changes and updated with the new information. If you agree to these 5 terms of adoption, please include the phrase "I agree to all the term of adoption" in the last question of the adoption application when you submit it.

Adoption Process

    The first step is to be sure you have read over all of the information provided on this website.  Read through the rat care section and all of the proceeding information on this page. If you agree with all of our policies and our terms of adoption, fill out and submit your application (filled out COMPLETELY) for adoption.  Please don't submit answers like "We will do whatever the breeder recommends." We need to see you have done some of your own research!  We are very happy to help if you have questions before submitting the application.  
    Once the application is approved, we require a 50% deposit to be placed on our waiting list.  This can be made with PayPal, check, or money order.  As babies are born, they are placed with approved adopters already on our wait list.  If you are interested in a particular litter, be sure to apply for them well before the litter is born.  We often are asked about how long the wait will be between getting on the list and bringing babies home.  It's very hard to estimate this due to the fact that litter sizes very greatly, and litter plans don't always materialize the way we'd like.
    Once you're on the wait list, you can follow our website to be aware of pregnancies and litters born.  You can also contact us at any time for updates.  Once babies are likely to be available to you from a particular litter, we will contact you.  Reservations are done usually at 3 weeks of age.  We send out pictures of the available babies for you to choose from at that time.  Once specific babies are reserved to you, we will decide on a meeting place and time for you to pick them up.  Prior to adoption,  we must also receive photos of your fully set up cage and travel carrier. 
       Babies generally go home at 6 weeks old, so you will want to be prepared well before that point with needed supplies. Be sure to have a safe, secure carrier for the drive home. If your trip is longer than 1 hour, be sure to bring chopped veggies for the babies to snack on/hydrate with. Water bottles are not a good idea for car rides as they often leak. Please do not bring any other animals with you to the pick up.  Do not stop at a pet store, or be around any other rodents, rabbits or birds within 3 hours of the adoption.
    We are available to the adopter for the whole of the rats' lives.   Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or issues that may arise.  Returning adopters are given preferred wait list status for future litters.

Our Wait List Structure

1. FHR
2. Other approved breeders
3. Returning Adopters
4. New Adopters

Adoption Application

Full Name:



Home Phone Number:

Cell Phone Number:

Email Address:

Type of Residence, and do you own or rent? (if rent, include landlord's name and phone #):

Names and ages of all people in household:

Are all household members aware and in agreement with this adoption?

Other pets in household?

Why do you want to adopt a fancy rat?

Any prior rat experience (if yes, describe)?

Names and genders of current pet rats?

How do you keep males and females separated?

Will this rat be used for breeding?

What type of cage will rats will be housed in (include make & model or 3 side dimensions and wire spacing size, or send a picture)?

What kind and brand of bedding you will use?

What diet will you feed (please be specific)?

How often will the rats cage be cleaned?

How often will the rat be handled? By whom?

Do you have a veterinarian experienced with this type of pet?

If not, would you like us to help you find one?

May we contact your veterinarian for a reference?

Veterinarian’s Name(s) and phone number(s) (for all of your pets):

What will you do with your pet rats while you go on vacation?

What will you do if you can no longer keep your adopted rat?

What number, type and sex of rats are you looking to adopt?

Do you agree to inform me if your adopted rat passes away, or becomes ill?

Is this the only application you are submitting at this time, or are you applying to other ratteries as well?

Is there anything else you would like to tell me or to ask?