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Last Updated - March 13, 2015

Farmhouse Rats (FHR)
a small rattery in northern New Jersey, breeding since 2008.  The goal at FHR is to produce loving, outgoing, adaptable and stable family pets. FHR breeds to improve the health of pet rats so that we can all enjoy longer lived, more robust and predictable pets. Retired breeders are kept here for life. Veterinary care, along with occasional diagnostic and postmortem testing, helps maintain the health of our breeding lines. FHR believes in breeding for the whole rat, and while the most important goals here are health, longevity and wonderful temperaments, type and color are also considered and improved upon.

  We breed on a small scale, and every single litter is given a huge amount of attention, time, and love.  This is NOT a profit-making business, but a hobby we enjoy.  All adoption fees collected are invested directly back into the breeding program to help cover the high costs of vet bills, feeding, bedding, caging, and caring for our rat friends.  FHR rats should be loved companions, and we are happy to give instructions and advice as to how to properly care for them.  We commit to our animals for their lifetimes, and are looking to share this incredible journey with others who believe a pet is a friend for life!


We want to share our love of rats with you!  Meet the animals we are so proud of and enjoy as a huge part of our life. See how we run our rattery. Other breeders, feel free to check us out! We are always happy to share information about our breeding program.
For anyone having questions about "anything rat" or about FHR, I am always happy to provide more information.  Since we are a closed rattery, we're not open to the public for visiting.  However, this website can give you a glimpse into our rattery.  Our rats are housed in our home as members of our family.  Their safety, health and happiness is, and always will be, our first priority.

Our Specialties

Our Main Line: Rich, Dark Seal Point Black Eyed Siamese bred here since 2008!  This line also includes Burmese rats.  This line started our journey as a rattery and continues here today.

Many New Projects: More information coming soon as we narrow our focus.  Many coat types, coat colors, eye colors, and markings currently exist within the new lines we are developing.